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The world is very aware of the necessity of using garment hangers whether it is at home, work, travel, retail display, dry cleaners, or the hotel industry. Finally, a new inexpensive and re-usable standard in the garment hanging industry has been developed by Hangers Helpers LLC. This new plastic injection molded attachment clips on to the top of a clothes hanger and can adjust the hanger shoulder area to accommodate a wide range of garment sizes.

This much needed product, Hangers Helpers, has been precision contoured to prevent distortions from the weight of garments being hung over the ends of standard wire, or narrow plastic tubular clothes hangers. These distortions can cause stretching imperfections in clothing and lose that “pressed look”. Fine fabrics such as rayon, silk, and leather can be permanently damaged by hanging distortions from the common fixed size clothes hanger. Hangers Helpers also has a feature at the neck area to accommodate the hanging of spaghetti strap type garments and solves the women's problem of hanging this type of garment.

- Spaghetti strap garments tuck in nicely at the top end of the Hangers Helpers which allows another garment to be hung in tandem.

- Hangers Helpers can be pushed on to plastic tubular hangers with less effort by spreading the inside of the part and pressing the snaps down in stages.

- The Regular and Small Adult &Child size Hangers Helpers assembly to common wire hangers is more aggressive but necessary for proper functioning of staying together as a unit. It might be easier to spread the part open and pushing down between each snap to lock in place with the help of a short flathead screw driver.

- If it is necessary, Hangers Helpers can be glued to the hanger to keep positioned for a specific heavy garment, especially when using full extension.

- Once Hangers Helpers are positioned for a specific garment or person, use a marking pen and label this information on top to keep from having to readjust your hanger assembly.

- Maximize your travel bag space by putting Hangers Helpers in your bag and assemble at destination.

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